FFP2 Masks

Famex FFP2 Masks

Famex FFP2 Mask holds particles smaller than 5 microns. Especially tuberculosis, measles, chicken pox, viral infections, again in viral -virus infections, infections to prevent contamination of FFP2 masks to prevent installation. FFP2 mask helps to prevent contamination because it holds particles less than 5 microns.

Our masks have a pillow in the inner part that appears to the face shape, adjustable metallic nasal latch and the nose. Produced with fine particle filtration material Two pieces, mask strap adapts to every head structure The bands of the mask are not to damage the user; It was attached on the mask. Masks have a design that facilitates breathing and does not cause form disorders caused by collapse. It is designed to be in compliant with head ergonomics, into the mouth and nose Our masks help to provide solid particles or water -based protection in the ambient air.